Why Solanda DMC

Going local and our knowledge

With our thorough knowledge of the places we propose as destinations and locations, and our awareness of their amazing potential, we can create programmes exploiting all that is best in Southern Italy. This is an area of great natural beauty and unique flavours, and under our careful direction these ingredients can be combined with just the right amount of creativity, good taste and surprise.

We organize incentive trips, meetings, events and team-building activities which always take their inspiration from the culture and natural features of the place in which they are situated.

In addition, the hotel facilities we offer, which are designed in the typical local style, constitute a destination in themselves. For they provide you with a combination of excellent services and delightful natural surroundings.

Competence and organizational skills

Our careful and meticulous planning of incentive trips, meetings, events and all their associated activities ensures that we produce excellent solutions for any projects, whether large or small, always guaranteeing the very high standards which are intrinsic to our company philosophy. We take care of every aspect relating to the organization of business trips and events.

The incentive trips, meetings and events which we will undertake for you can be on any scale, from a meeting with ten participants to an event involving thousands: whatever the size, the guaranteed standards in terms of organization and originality will always remain the same.

Creativity and originality

Solanda brings all the brilliance inherent in its business personality and its amazing destinations to every project that it carries out. We translate enthusiasm and joy in developing our company into pure creative energy, always aiming toward greater originality and innovation.

We like our clients to know that we are always exceeding ourselves in what we set out to do.

We want them only to feel very positive responses.

Flexibility and empathy

We plan every incentive trip and the activities connected to it, such as team-building, workshops and meetings, in a way that relates as far as possible to the cultural background, lifestyle and interests of the participants.

We can demonstrate that every working encounter functions more effectively if it contains an element of reward or surprise, and that this has long-term beneficial effects on the productivity of each participant.

We can personalize the trip and make the encounter, activity or event a unique experience by creating tailor-made services. In this way, your trip, event or activity is sure to be unforgettable, producing a high return on your investment in terms of the improved quality of work and productivity of those involved.

We organize our creative, innovative projects in strict collaboration with the commissioning business, working as a team with the client and managing his demands and expectations to our utmost ability.


We speak directly to all aspects of the individual: his body and five senses, his heart and emotions, his intelligence and rationality. This is in order that your company can say something about itself and its activities to every single person concerned.

We promise a real return on your investment because we firmly believe that if the individual is considered as central to the workings and dynamics of a company, there will be guaranteed and tangible results!

We stimulate, guide and encourage; we concentrate the energy of the participants on the objectives to be reached in order to promote leadership and achieve a sense of belonging, sharing and collaboration.

We transform people's emotions into motivation, their competitiveness into self-esteem and your investment into constructive feedback.