Our mission

Our aim is to offer a service we can be proud of:


We have the determination and tenacity to pursue our own path towards excellence, and to share this journey with our clients.


We want to grow and succeed, but we also want to take chances and to follow new routes together.


We are constantly looking out for new ways of travelling, off the main tourist beat, because we believe that it is the most secret and hidden aspects of a place that reveal its true identity.


The basic principle on which we operate is scrupulous attention to the quality of our services, which we always test out personally before including them in our itineraries.


A trip is above all an emotional experience. Knowing that emotions are involved, we always try to empathise with our clients, putting ourselves in your place to understand your wishes and expectations regarding the trip, seeing your point of view, understanding your interests, and sympathizing with your difficulties, whether expressed or internalized. We are careful to communicate with our clients in advance to ensure that we are always attending to your needs.