O' sole mio

Preserving and reinforcing ties with your country of origin, in order to develop a sense of community and belonging to a native land, might be your motivation for travelling.

Our tours aim to give an opportunity to the many communities and associations of Italians living abroad to experience the pleasure of renewing contact with Italy and getting to know the present-day identity and culture of the country.

A trip like this can also inspire and encourage the opening of contacts for the younger generation of expatriate Italians, renewing and reinforcing pride in their Italian identity.

For this reason, our tours try to represent something more than just a simple trip to revisit the place you came from: they seek to provide you with a chance to build or strengthen bridges between your homeland and your adopted country. They also aim to promote direct comparisons between the two cultures, leading to a constant and fruitful exchange between the fundamental values of Italy and those of your country of residence.