The artist sun

"Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend." − Teophrastus

We believe there is a natural tendency in man to want to appreciate, enjoy and delight in the beautiful things of life, knowing that the greatest source of joy and satisfaction is spending time improving ourselves or others.
Time is central to what we do and we want to tell you about the numerous ways you can spend it, enjoy it, and possibly even slow it down, when experiencing the myriad art forms of Southern Italy: music, dance, cinema, painting, sculpture and archaeology.

We offer you a trip dedicated to the beauty of life, to whoever has the courage to not deny this beauty to someone close to him, or to whoever is seeking to escape the frenetic pace of the modern world to experience those pleasures that life only affords in exchange for time and devotion.

The tours we offer are dedicated to those who take pleasure in visiting an art gallery or an archaeological museum; enjoy attending a concert in a breathtaking natural setting or evocative historic location; or participating in a traditional dance like the taranta. Or again, we are aiming at those who want to learn the Italian language from professional mother-tongue teachers, or learn how to sculpt the local stone under the tutelage of master-craftsmen. Not to mention those of you who wish to visit places where great films in the history of cinema were set, or places which inspired literary masterpieces.

For we are convinced that art is both a way to get to know the real identity of a country and to improve ourselves and nourish our spirits.