The chef sun

Culinary know-how is a combination of science, art and culture, and the gastronomy of Southern Italy is the embodiment of these three components within the Mediterranean context. The sun, the sea, the soil and the many civilizations that have ruled this area are powerfully expressed in the intense flavours and aromas of its regions.

In addition, every type of cuisine is closely associated with its place of origin: it reflects the characteristics, traditions and products of the locality as determined by its history and climate.

Italy has always been internationally acclaimed as a centre of culinary excellence, a real shrine to good eating and drinking, with its superb wines, oil and regional products.

The regions of Southern Italy love to defend and champion their local culinary styles, offering the consumer specialities made in the traditional ways, perhaps re-interpreted, but never abused.

However, although modern technology is now universally employed in food preparation, and plays a very useful role, it is no substitute for the traditional methods, especially when these are essential to the success of a dish. Similarly, it is believed in these regions that one cannot prepare good food without good raw ingredients: in fact, the ingredients themselves are part of the gastronomic culture.

For this reason, our eno-gastronomic tours take in famous restaurants, little-known haunts and private homes where you can enjoy classic traditional dishes, superb wines and top-quality olive oils.

To sum up: the food and wine of Southern Italy is reason enough to make a trip to this country.