The literate sun

Southern Italy is an overflowing treasure-chest of culture and beauty – art, history, scenery, traditions and flavours – that artists, dramatists and poets have drawn upon for their works, describing them in literary form.

The Literary Park is not just a temple of inspiration for literary works, but also the chance to encounter the culture of Italian memory and identity. The places mentioned might be a field, an island, an urban landscape, or even a house, a kitchen, a room where a great writer was inspired to immortalize that place by giving it a place in the history of literature.

A Literary Park is therefore essentially an "evocation", "atmosphere" or "literary filter" which in effect constitutes a guided tour to a knowledge of Italy and its entire culture.

Thus it follows the writer's thread of inspiration, separating it from the works to relate it to real places, following it from the evocation to the real thing, and from a suggestion to the emotion experienced in an actual visit.