The pink sun

Taking a break from it all has become more and more difficult.

This is partly because there is so little time available, and partly for financial reasons (because there is always something more important to spend your money on).

For this reason, when you can get away, you ought to choose something really special.

A holiday, therefore, which combines excellent food with a variety of excursions and activities, and aromatic beauty treatments (massages, face-packs, herbal teas and perfumed baths) might well be the best way to escape from the house and recover from the strains of daily life. It can help to create a harmonious balance between body, mind and soul, giving you a sense of wellbeing and a feeling of total relaxation.

The "wellness" experience can be a way to maximise a woman's inner potential, by creating in her a state of calm and satisfaction, involving not only the physical dimension, but also mental, social, cultural and spiritual aspects.

The aim of our holiday proposals is to help you to take care of yourself, giving you a memorable multi-sensory experience which combines wellbeing and positive emotion.

We offer our clients peaceful, welcoming and friendly places to stay, where you can feel relaxed and enjoy sharing the company of colleagues or friends.

These are places especially suited to restoring the mind and body, offering high standards of hospitality, good food, and a wide selection of dietary specialities. Their facilities will reach your highest expectations, including amenities such as fitness centres, swimming pools, saunas, Turkish baths and Jacuzzis. Alternatively, we can offer a wide selection of long-established, specialized spa centres, located in wonderful natural settings, such as can be found throughout Southern Italy.