Why Solanda Tours

Small groups

We organize trips for small groups (from a minimum of 12 to a maximum of 24 people). This allows the participants to enjoy more freedom and independence than they would in a large group, and ensures greater flexibility and more efficiency. It also means that our clients can visit secret, hidden-away places, far from the mass tourist routes (private homes, privately-owned historic houses, wine-cellars and small farms, village markets, monasteries and religious shrines not open to the public), which you would not be able to visit if travelling independently.

Our task is to accompany you to these places, allowing you to enjoy your trip in a relaxed way, giving you time to meet the local people, stop to talk to them and so learn more about their customs and traditions.

Recreational activities

Each of our tours and organized holidays includes a special activity to give you direct experience of the local culture. For example, you can decide to involve yourself in preparing home-made pasta in the kitchen of a local housewife, or help out in the galley before setting off on a sailing expedition. Alternatively, you can take part in the olive harvest, or help to extract the honey-combs from a bee-hive at a traditional farm. You can explore a limestone grotto in the company of a speleologist, or decorate a lace tablecloth with an expert embroiderer. Or again, you can sculpt a piece of local stone under the professional guidance of an expert sculptor, creating a small souvenir to carry home with you. You can feed horses at their stables, go out in a motorized fishing-boat off the coast of Puglia to catch fresh fish, or visit a Sicilian tuna-fishery not accessible to the general public.

You are free to choose at the time whether or not to take part in these activities, and no extra cost is involved. The price of joining one of our trips also always remains unchanged, whether there are a minimum or maximum number of participants in the group.

Carefully organized tours

Every Solanda tour consists of a balanced mixture of travel, observation, a real experience of the culture at each place visited, and a combination of the known and the unexpected.

To ensure that this is the case, we usually plan for at least two nights in each place, and up to a maximum of five, avoiding tedious and exhausting changes of hotel.

Travelling in small groups guarantees maximum respect for the freedom and individuality of our clients and gives much greater opportunity for flexibility during the tour. It ensures that you can move about much more easily, with more time and greater chances to observe, to learn and to speak to people.


A good trip must include good hotels. To this end, we only select hotels which we judge to be best not only in terms of comfort and high standards, but also with regard to their relevance to their locality and to the culture and activities involved in the tour. Every one of these hotels, however, offers the very best combination of quality, efficiency, atmosphere and optional extras. Indeed, our hotels often in themselves constitute genuine holiday destinations, in terms of their great charm, historic structure or architectural features typical of their local area. Also on offer are spa hotels at famous thermal resorts.


The meals are also always memorable, whether they are eaten at the hotel, at a famous restaurant or in a private home. For we believe that food is one of the quickest and best ways to absorb the spirit of a culture and to bring people together. Italian gastronomy alone is worthy of a trip!

Disabled travellers

A journey is, above all, a source of emotion... and we all have a right to experience these emotions!
In keeping with the principles which inspired our undertaking, we want to share this right with travellers with motor difficulties or visual disabilities.
By special request, we are working to make our tours and organized holidays available to disabled travellers, whether accompanied or not, by making use of specialized collaborators, services, means of transport and readily accessible facilities.